General Questions

Q: Where can I find information about having my community group have a station tour.

A: You may request station tours or group tours by emailing info@lakecowichanfire.com or you may call the hall by the numbers listed in contact us.

Q: Is the station manned?

A: As the department is a paid on call department it is not manned 24/7, at times personnel may be at the station doing duties but we have not set times that the station is open other than Monday nights during our regular practice.

Q: Is the ambulance part of the Fire Department?

A: No, even though a BC Ambulance station is located on the same property, they are a completely independent service run by the Provincial Health Services Authority.

Recruitment Questions

Q: Where do I find Information on how to join the Fire Department?

A: You may find information on how to join the department by going the the recruitment area of our website or click here.

Question 2: Does the department have any full time positions?

A: Currently the department does not have any full time positions all positions are part time paid on call.

Question 3: Do members get paid?

A: Yes as a paid on call department members are paid depending on rank and responsibility within the department.

Burning Restriction Questions

Question 1: My neighbor is burning, do I call the fire department?

A: You may only call for fire department assistance if the fire is out of control, all complaints need to be addressed to the Town Hall or CVRD depending on your location.

Q: I would like burn some yard waste am I allowed?

A: Depending on your area in the CVRD you may be able to burn at certain times of the year please check their website for more information. There is a NO BURNING by-law in the Town of Lake Cowichan pleaseĀ  refer to the town website for more information.